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The price of paper has risen sharply in recent years. Postage and transportation costs are escalating rapidly. Productivity of managers and office workers has increased but four percent in the last decade. And, businesses are looking for ways to conserve office space to minimize overhead. Faced with greater volumes of information that must be printed, copied, distributed, stored and retrieved, organizations of all sizes are turning to micrographics to reduce these costs and increase their productivity. If you use a computer, micrographics can put back in your pocket more than 90 cents of every dollar you're now spending on your paper printout information system. Here's how:

ImageTek is the easiest, most dependable way to put Computer Output Microfilm to work in your organization. It is both cost effective and problem free.

Our company uses the standard print tapes generated by your computer to put your "data" on microfiche that are organized and indexed to your specifications. Your capital investment is limited to inexpensive microfiche readers and reader/printers, your cost per page is a fraction of paper printouts. And, your information is in a form that is easier to store and use, and far less costly to distribute.

Best of all, ImageTek COM Service is fast and dependable. It frees you of personnel, facility and equipment maintenance responsibilities. You can concentrate on your business and your DP operation with the assurance that your microfilm reports will be properly prepared and delivered on time by the company with the best track record in the industry. With our network of service centers operating 24 hours a day, we provide the fastest turnaround possible - usually a matter of hours.

Our COM service starts when a ImageTek representative helps you analyze your operation to determine if COM makes sense for you. We look at your present information production and at how the data is used. We consider your turnaround and distribution needs, your active and archival storage requirements. We work with executives, managers and office workers to understand their information needs.

The transition to COM is easy. Our COM production equipment is compatible with virtually every computer in existence. No changes to your software or DP procedures should be necessary. From your print tapes, we produce the microfiche reports you need, in the right quantities, organized and indexed to your specifications.








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