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This is a true and accurate copy of the catalog approved with the General Services Commission.

Effective Date of catalog: 10-1-2001

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Vendor Contact Information

Contact Person: Jerry Anderson
Phone #: (800) 588-5574   (254) 755-6611
Fax #: (254) 755-8152
E-Mail Address:

Product / Services Information

Item Item Description
125-10 Bindery Supplies
125-22 Bindings, Plastic Post/Rivet Strips
125-30 Cloth, Bookbinding Type
125-60 Leather, Bookbinding
204-10 QCabinets and Cases: Desktop Cases, Tower Cases, Drive Cabinets, etc.
204-13 QCables: Printer, Disk, Network, etc.
204-16 QChips: Accelerator, Graphics, Math Co-Processor, Memory (RAM and ROM), Network, SIMMS, etc.
204-19 QCommunication Boards: Fax, Modem (Internal), etc.
204-20 QCommunication Control Units: Concentrators, Multiplexors, Couplers, etc.
204-24 QControllers, Programmable: Industrial Control Devices, Robots, etc.
204-28 QData Entry and Remote Job Entry Devices, Voice Activated: Voice Recognition, Voice Digitization, Speech Synthesizers, etc.
204-32 QDrives, External (Jumpdrives, Flash Drives, etc.)
204-33 QDrives, Compact Disk (CD ROM, etc.)
204-34 QDrives, Floppy Disk
204-35 QDrives, Hard/Fixed Disk
204-37 QDrives, Tape
204-39 QDuplicators, DVD
204-42 QExpansion/Accelerator Boards: Hard Drive Controller Cards, Memory, Processor, SCSI, Video Cards, etc.
204-46 QImaging Systems, Microcomputer (Including Digital Imaging Network (DIN) and Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine (DICOM))
204-47 QIntegrated Software/IT Solution (Microcomputer)
204-48 QKeyboards
204-53 QMicrocomputers, Desktop or Towerbased
204-54 QMicrocomputers, Handheld, Laptop, and Notebook
204-55 QMicrocomputers, Multi-Processor
204-58 QModems, External, Data Communications
204-60 QMonitors, Color and Monochrome (CGA, VGA, SVGA, etc.)
204-62 QMotherboards
204-64 QNetwork Components: Adapter Cards, Bridges, Connectors, Expansion Modules/Ports, Firewall Devices, Hubs, Line Drivers, MSAUs, Routers,
204-68 QPeripherals, Miscellaneous: Joy Sticks, Graphic Digitizers, Light Pens, Mice, Pen Pads, Trackballs, Secure I.D. Access Cards, etc.
204-70 QPicture Archiving Computer System (PACS)
204-71 QPlotters, Graphic
204-72 QPower Supplies and Power Related Parts, Internal
204-74 QPrinter Sharing Devices
204-75 QPrinters, Dot Matrix
204-76 QPrinters, Inkjet
204-77 QPrinters, Laser
204-78 QPrinters, Pen Plotter
204-79 QPrinters, Digital
204-80 QPrinters, Thermal
204-82 QPrinters, Microcomputer (Not Otherwise Classified)
204-83 QRecycled Microcomputer Hardware and Peripherals
204-84 QRetrieval Systems, Computer Assisted: Indexing, Retrieval (CD ROM Jukebox, etc.) and Access Systems
204-88 QScanners, Document: Handheld, Desktop and High Volume
204-89 QScanners and Readers, Magnetic Strip
204-90 QScanners and Readers, Optical Character: Bar Code, Remittance Scanner/Processors, etc.
204-91 QServers, Microcomputer (Application, Database, File, Mail, Network, Web, etc)
204-93 QTerminals and CRTs: Data Processing Systems
204-95 QWord Processing Equipment, Accessories and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
204-96 QWorkstations: SPARC, RISC, etc. (For Use With CAD/CAM, etc.)
208-10 QAccounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing and Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, etc.
208-18 QBar Code Software (Microcomputer)
208-19 QBiometric Authentication System Software for Microcomputers
208-20 QBusiness Software, Misc.: Agenda, Labels, Mail List, Planning, Scheduling, etc.
208-27 QCommunications: Networking, Linking, etc. (Includes Clustering Software)
208-30 QComputer Aided Design and Vectorization Software
208-37 QDatabase Software
208-40 QDriver and Hardware Support Programs
208-42 QEDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Translator Software, Microcomputer
208-44 QE-Mail Software
208-45 QExpert System Software
208-46 QE-Commerce Software (Microcomputer)
208-51 QHuman Resources Software
208-53 QIntegrated Software
208-54 QInternet and Web Site Software for Microcomputers
208-55 QInventory Management
208-57 QLaw Enforcement Software
208-58 QLanguage Translation Software
208-60 QMedical Software, All Types
208-61 QOCR and Scanner Software
208-63 QPersonnel Software
208-65 QPoint of Sale Software
208-66 QProfessional: Computer Training, Hospital/Pharmacy, Legal, etc.
208-68 QProject Management
208-70 QPrinting Software (Microcomputer)
208-71 QPurchasing Software
208-72 QPurchasing and Accounting Codes for use with PC Software
208-80 QSoftware, Microcomputer (Not Otherwise Classified)
208-81 QSoftware For Computer Software Training
208-82 QScientific, Statistical, Engineering, Mathematical, and Mapping Software (Including Photogrammetry)
208-84 QSpread Sheet Software
208-87 QTools, Programming and Case
208-88 QSoftware, Monitoring
208-90 QUtilities: Back-up, Batch File, Firewall, Menus, Operating System, Network Operating System, Network Management, Recovery, Screen, Security
208-94 QWord Processing, Text Editors, Spell Checkers
209-11 QAccounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing and Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, etc.
209-22 QBar Code Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209-24 QBiometric Authentication System Software for Mini/Mainframe Computers
209-28 QCommunications: Networking, Linking, etc.
209-31 QComputer Aided Design
209-38 QDatabase
209-41 QDriver and Hardware Support Programs
209-42 QE-Commerce Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209-43 QEDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Translator Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer
209-45 QE-Mail Software
209-46 QExpert System Software
209-52 QHuman Resources Software
209-54 QInternet and Web Site Software for Main Frame Computers
209-56 QInventory Management
209-59 QLogistics and Supply Chain Software
209-62 QOCR and Scanner Software
209-64 QPersonnel Software
209-66 QPoint of Sale Software
209-68 QProgramming: Basic, Assembler, etc.
209-69 QProject Management
209-72 QPurchasing Software
209-73 QPurchasing and Accounting Codes for use with Mini/Mainframe Software
209-85 QSpread Sheet Software
209-88 QTools, Programming and Case
209-91 QUtilities: Back-up, Batch File, Menus, Network Management, Operating System, Recovery, Screen, Security, Virus Protection, etc.
209-95 QWord Processing, Text Editors, Label Makers, Spell Checkers, etc.
915-26 QEDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Value Added Network (VAN) Services
915-28 QElectronic Information and Mailing Services
915-30 DVD Duplicating Services
915-36 QFacsimile (Fax) Services
915-38 Film and Slide Processing, Duplicating and Touch Up Services
915-42 Film and Slide/Tape Production Services
915-44 QFulfillment (Incls. Data Processing, Packaging, Labeling and Mailing of Literature as a Package)
915-51 QInformation Highway Electronic Services (Internet, World Wide Web, etc.)
915-68 Microfiche/Microfilming Services
915-82 Video Production
915-84 Video Recording
915-90 Video Media Duplicating and Production Services (Including CD Roms, Tapes, etc.)
915-96 QWeb Page Design and/or Management Services
915-97 QWiring Services, Data/Voice
920-07 QApplications Software for Microcomputer Systems: Business, Mathematical/Statistical, Medical, Scientific, etc.
920-19 QComputer Digitizing Services
920-20 QComputer Output to Microfilm (COM) Processing Services
920-21 QData Entry Services
920-22 QData Preparation and Processing Services
920-23 QData Recovery Services
920-24 QData Conversion Services
920-25 QDiskette, CD Rom, and Tape Duplicating Services
920-28 QEmergency Back-up Services and Facilities for Data Processing
920-29 QFacilities Management Services, Computer
920-31 QInstallation of Computers, Peripherals, and Related Equipment (Including Software)
920-34 QMedia Conversion Services
920-37 QNetworking Services (Including Installation, Security, and Maintenance )
920-38 QOptical Scanning Services
920-40 QProgramming Services, Computer
920-42 QRecertification/Rehabilitation of Magnetic Media (Disk Packs, Tapes, etc.)
920-45 QSoftware Maintenance/Support
920-46 QSoftware Updating Services
920-48 QStorage Services, Data Media
920-50 Shredding Services, Computer Components and Peripherals
966-18 Copying Services (Reproduction)
985-35 Duplicating Machines (All Types), Rental or Lease
985-55 Microfiche/Microfilm Equipment and Accessory Rental or Lease
985-74 QSoftware, Computer, Rental or Lease

Catalog Information

NOTE to State Agencies:

If this Qualified Information Systems Vendor provides consulting services and if the value of the consulting contract is reasonably foreseen to exceed $15,000.00, please refer to the Texas Government Code, Subtitle F, Chapter 2254.

Note to all Eligible Purchasers:

Only Automated Information System (AIS) products and services may be purchased from this catalog. The vendor must edit out products not eligible for the catalog purchase procedure. Any telecommunication services that may be included within this catalog shall only be procured by the General Services Commission. Disregard any statement in this catalog that states that prices and availability may change without notice. This catalog is required to be kept current by the vendor. Disregard any "proprietary, confidential, copyright, all rights reserved" statements in this catalog. Eligible purchasers are allowed to make copies of this catalog. For services and products offered in this catalog that have only one price, the price shown may be considered both the list price and state price. Any terms and conditions in this catalog that conflict with the Constitution or laws of the state of Texas shall not be enforceable and, therefore, will not be binding. All AIS products and services offered in this catalog conform and comply with all applicable standards adopted by the DIR; and all products conform to all state and federal requirements such as ANSI, FCC, NEMA, OSHA and UL standards.

Vendor Affirmation:

By signing the GSC QISV Catalog Purchasing Program application and submitting this catalog through the program, the vendor has reviewed TAC 113.19, and agrees to comply with the rules as stated for the QISV program. The vendor will also: not give, offer to give, or intend to give at any time hereafter any economic opportunity, future employment, gift, loan, gratuity, special discount, trip, favor, or service to a public servant in connection with catalog purchase transactions; not currently be delinquent in the payment of any franchise tax owed the State of Texas under Tax Code, Chapter 171(go to "Certification of Franchise Tax Account Status " for verification) ; update their catalog as needed to reflect changes in price and the availability of products or services offered.

Maintenance, Repair, Support Plan:

ImageTek, Inc. is concerned with you, the customer. We will do our best to meet your needs in product support and service. If you have questions concerning the operation of the equipment you purchased from our company, please contact Jerry Anderson at (800) 588-5574. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST. NOTE: If the product you purchased is under warranty by the manufacturer and needs servicing, contact Jerry Anderson at (800) 588-5574 and we will give you the information you will need to contact them directly.

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